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What purpose, do you think, is there in collected demographic information? Sometimes if grant funded this is needed to report to the funding agency, but outside of t


What purpose, do you think, is there in collected demographic information? Sometimes if grant funded this is needed to report to the funding agency, but outside of that, why collect this information and should one always do so? 

Once you have answered that, please define for us what extraneous variables are and what it means to control for a variable- specifically what a Covariate is (as this is how you control for a variable statistically). How is this related to the demographic information- or is there possibly something else in the study that fits here?



Student’s Name.

Department/ Faculty

Professor’s Name

Course Code & Name


Which study did you select? (Provide the title, if available and link)

The study I have selected is “ The use of social media to engage with social movements and significant events” by the following researchers: Anna Janssen, Melanie Keep, & Krestina Amon, The University of Sydney

The link for the study;

Was there an informed consent process? If so, what was it?

Yes, there was an informed consent process. The process was elaborate and straight forward. It reminds me that the study is a voluntary process and states that a person can withdraw from completing the study before submission and there will not be any consequence. Finally, there was a section that required me to affirm that I was indeed 18 years and over and consent to taking part in the study.

Briefly explain the study that you, as a participant, were required to do for this study.

the study involved completing an anonymous online survey that asked me a number of demographic questions including my age, sex and the area in the world I live. The survey will then asked a series of questions about how I use Instagram, what functions of the platform I use, and how my usage may have changed as a results of significant events in 2020 such as Black Lives Matter, and the COVDI-19 Pandemic. 

Was the study experimental or correlational?

The study was correlational and not experimental in this regard.

Which features made it experimental or correlational?

It is correlational as it investigates associations between variables without manipulation and cannot determine causation.

Researchers only observe and measure existing variables.

If the study was correlational, what were the main variables measured, and which did they think were predictor and criterion variables?

The main variables were way people use Instagram to engage with social movements (e.g., the Black Lives Matter movement) and significant events (e.g., natural disasters and pandemics), and the factors which influence users’ engagement through Instagram.

Predictor Variables Factors which influence users' engagement through Instagram.

Criterion Variables

· Engagement with social movements (e.g., the Black Lives Matter movement) on Instagram.

· Engagement with significant events (e.g., natural disasters and pandemics) on Instagram.

Were any measures taken to control extraneous variables? If so, what were they?

There were no measures taken to control variables on this correlational study.

Does the study seem to have external validity? Internal validity? Why or why not?

The study has internal validity as the results form the conclusions of the study without using it as a proportion sample of the population in America.

How could this study be changed from a correlational to an experimental study or from an experimental to a correlational study?

To make it an experimental study, the researchers could introduce an experimental manipulation related to Instagram use in response to significant events like Black Lives Matter and the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the modified experimental study, participants are divided into two groups: the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group receives a specific intervention related to Instagram use concerning significant events, such as Black Lives Matter and COVID-19, which may include information, prompts, or suggestions. In contrast, the control group continues using Instagram as usual without the intervention. After the intervention or a specified period, the same survey as in the original study is administered to both groups to collect data on their Instagram usage changes in response to significant events. Subsequently, the responses of the experimental group, which received the intervention, are compared to those of the control group to evaluate the impact of the intervention on Instagram use.

Why did the researchers use the approach they did (correlational or experimental)?

Researchers used the correlational approach to examine relationships between variables without manipulating them. It helped identify associations, patterns, and potential connections between variables, providing valuable insights into naturally occurring phenomena. Correlational studies are useful when experimental manipulation is not ethical or feasible.

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