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Review the Portfolio 1 Assignment Sheet (in Preparing Professional Documents–Overview) for directions on what kinds of information to include in your Fact Sheet and Bar Chart. Make sure

 Review the Portfolio 1 Assignment Sheet (in Preparing Professional Documents–Overview) for directions on what kinds of information to include in your Fact Sheet and Bar Chart. Make sure that your Fact Sheet adheres to the 5 Principles of Design found in Ch. 13:

  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Grouping
  • Consistency
  • Contrast

You have two options for creating your Fact Sheet. You can create the Fact Sheet in Word or create a specific type of Fact Sheet called an Infographic using Canva. I strongly suggest using Canva instead of Word because it's easier to produce a more professional looking document using Canva's templates for Infographics.

If you choose to make your Fact Sheet in Word, be sure to look over the Fact Sheet Samples (especially the "Student Sample Fact Sheet–made in Word") and the "How to make a Fact Sheet in Word" video (in Preparing Professional Documents–Overview).

If you choose instead to use Canva to make an Infographic, be sure to look over the Fact Sheet Samples (especially the "Student Sample Fact Sheet–made in Canva") and watch the two videos on How to make an Infographic in Canva (in Preparing Professional Documents–Overview).
For tips on creating your Bar Chart, see the "Creating Charts in Word" video, the "Bar Chart Sample," and the "Student Bar Chart 1" and "Student Bar Chart 2" student samples (in Preparing Professional Documents–Overview). Remember to consider the overall look of your bar chart, and don't forget to include the explanatory paragraph.


Portfolio #1: Preparing Professional Documents ENG 114 / Dr. Hayes / ECC

Research: For the first writing unit, choose a job listed in the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( that you are interested in (day care teacher, radiologist, law enforcement officer, graphic artist, loan officer, paralegal, etc.) and research that job. If the OOH does not list the exact job you want, choose the one that most closely relates to the job you want. Read a variety of materials related to the job you select. Look for information on salary and benefits; advancement opportunities; job outlook; education, skills, or degree requirements; and/or job- related responsibilities. Use books, journals, newspapers, and/or any reputable online sources. Portfolio: Prepare the following documents based on your research, class lectures and discussions, and corresponding chapters in your textbook:

 Annotated Bibliography in MLA format listing four sources that provide information about different aspects of your job (salary, training, education, responsibilities, job outlook, etc.). After the citation, give a 3-5 sentence summary of the source followed by 1-2 sentences evaluating the source (ex: how can you tell the source is reliable?).

 Fact Sheet about the job that is geared towards new college students considering going into this career.

 Bar Chart comparing the average salary of your chosen career to that of 4 other careers. The bar chart should be accompanied by a paragraph that explains the data presented in the bar chart.

Submission Requirements: Before you submit Portfolio #1 containing the three documents listed above, make sure you have

 Followed all directions given in lectures and textbook models  Chosen an appropriate font type and size and, when appropriate, color  Considered the format and overall look of your documents as well as their content

Grade Determination: Your Portfolio will be graded on content, format, overall presentation, and grammar and mechanics. General point values are as follows:

 Annotated Bibliography 50 points  Fact Sheet 30 points  Bar Chart 20 points

Other considerations, such as plagiarism or cheating, may result in a lower grade.

Portfolio 1 Grading Overview

As will be the case for all of your portfolios, this portfolio will be graded on its content, format, overall presentation, and grammar and mechanics. Listed below are some of the specific things I will be looking for. Please note that other considerations (such as quality of content) or elements not listed here may still play a big role in determining your overall grade. Annotated Bibliography (50 points)  MLA format for header, margins, spacing, title, indentations, alphabetization, etc.  4 reliable sources about your career (if using websites, be wary of .coms)  Citations: in MLA format  Summaries: 3-5 sentence summaries of each source. Be sure to avoid plagiarism in your

summaries  Evaluative statements: 1-2 sentences immediately following the summary that evaluate the

reliability and/or usefulness of each source  See: Ch. 12 “Researching in Technical Workplaces” in your textbook; “MLA Documentation

Style” in Appendix B of your textbook; “Annotated Bibliographies” on the Purdue OWL website ( annotated_ bibliographies/index.html); and the Sample Annotated Bibliography in Moodle

Fact Sheet (30 points)  1 page document containing information about your career that new college students

considering that career would find helpful  Thoughtful choice of content. Your research will provide a multitude of information—you

will need to choose the most important information to include on the Fact Sheet  Thoughtful layout that adheres to the 5 principles of design  For this Fact Sheet, you are not required to cite the sources of your information IF the

information comes from the sources cited in your Annotated Bibliography. However, be sure to use your OWN LANGUAGE to avoid plagiarism

 See: Ch. 13 “Designing Documents and Interfaces” in your textbook and Sample Fact Sheets in Moodle

Bar Chart and Explanatory Paragraph (20 points)  Create a Bar Chart that compares the average salary of your chosen career to the average

salary of 4 other careers  The Bar Chart should be appropriately titled and labeled (you can use “Figure 1” as the first

part of the title) and should include the source of the information presented. A good place to find information on average salaries is the OOH

 A paragraph following the graph should explain the data presented in the bar chart  Consider your choice of the 4 other careers—don’t choose the other careers randomly, but

instead think about what other careers would be most appropriate for your audience  See: Ch. 14 “Creating and Using Graphics”






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Copyright ©StockLayouts LLC. All rights reserved. Copyright ©StockLayouts LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©StockLayouts LLC. All rights reserved. Copyright ©StockLayouts LLC. All rights reserved.


Figure 1

SOURCE: “Postsecondary Teachers.” Occupational Outlook Handbook. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department

of Labor, 24 May 2021,

[Informational paragraph goes here.] As shown in Figure 1, [tell what the chart shows].













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Median Salaries for Education Careers in 2020

Postsecondary Teachers Career/Technical Teachers El-Hi Principals

Instructional Coordinators Postsecondary Administrators

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