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Respond to ?two?of your colleagues’ posts by suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom you wish to collaborate or by offering additional networking strategies. A littl

Respond to  two of your colleagues' posts by suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom you wish to collaborate or by offering additional networking strategies.

A little background on me , I am a registered nurse with 6 years of experience and currently completing my masters in nursing.

Peer 1

Darling Kariso Pollyn-Hill 

Hello everyone,

My name is Darling Pollyn and I have been a registered nurse for 15 years. I am originally from Nigeria, and currently reside in Georgia. I work as a mental health nurse in an inpatient hospital, and I am quite passionate about this population. I find it quite fulfilling helping others and understanding how past experiences and genetics can affect mentation. I have also worked as medical surgical nurse, and long term or rehabilitation nurse, but my passion for mental health is why I am pursuing my PMHNP program at Walden.

            Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives aligns with my academic and professional goals. As an immigrant, I am very aware of the importance of inclusiveness and integrity. Also, as an emerging APRN, I aspire to always approach my patients and inter-professional team members with these values. The program also preaches centeredness and quality which are very important values to me. The healthcare system is faced with many challenges, and since the program outcomes ensures optimum knowledge, preaches teamwork, quality care and patient centered outcomes, I believe we are on the right path.

            Networking is a powerful process, and its importance is beginning to dawn on me. No man is indeed an island, and to succeed in this profession networking is key. Teaming up with peers, coworkers, teams, and other professionals, will help build my body of knowledge, and learning from other experiences provides a sense of support. I am quite conservative in nature, but my goal is to provide holistic care, hence cultivating this habit is a must. It is great meeting you all and I wish us the very best.

Peer 2

Barbara Farris 

Main Post 

Dr. Gatlin and Classmates, 

I have been a registered nurse for 29 years, most of which I spent in medical-surgical nursing. Three years ago, I decided to transfer to the psychiatric unit to ease up on some of the physical parts of nursing. I quickly grew to love working with this population of patients. Having never been affected personally by mental illness, I did not realize the tremendous health disparity they face in society. I made the decision to return to school after almost 30 years to pursue a degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and make an impact in the mental health community. I just finished my BSN and will be attending Walden University to complete my MSN. 

Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives align to my professional and academic goals and will be vital in helping me complete my education and become the psychiatric practitioner I wish to be. Walden’s vision is that all adults who wish to learn should have access and opportunity to do so and makes this available by offering online degrees (Walden University, n.d.). If not for this vision, I would not be able to attend a brick-and-mortar school and therefore would not be able to complete my degree. Quality and Integrity are two of Walden’s core values that drive its identity and support its mission. I hold myself to those values in my educational pursuits, when working with my patients, and in everyday life. The health and well-being of our society is at risk due to health disparities and inequality in healthcare. This is an enormous challenge in the mental health community. Walden’s goal is to raise leaders to address these problems and bring about social change in our professions and communities. Walden will allow me the chance to grow into a scholar-practitioner that can have a positive effect on mental health (Walden University, n.d.). 

Networking with others will be important in helping me achieve my professional and academic goals. There are many benefits to connecting with other peers, teachers, mentors, and even friends. When nurses develop connections with others in the same field or who are pursuing the same educational path, ideas and information can be exchanged and new knowledge can be obtained. Networking also gives a sense of support and belonging. Nursing is a mentally and physically demanding profession. Being part of a supportive group can help to relieve stress and prevent burnout (Schmidt, n.d.). I have already enjoyed connecting with others who are starting this journey and look forward to networking with many others along the way.  


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