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POS325 – Agenda setting, Policy formulation, Policy implementation

*Intro (1 page)
*Sub sections-
Agenda setting (4 pages)
Policy formulation (4 pages)
Policy implementation (4 pages)
Policy evaluation (4 pages)
(Give examples of countries in the middle east for policy formulation and implementing, for example Saudi Arabia and women rights)
*Summary page (1 page)
*Reference (1 page)
*Questions to Answer in the paper
(Agenda setting)
– What is agenda setting?
– How does agenda setting occur from public problems?
– Why may public problems not get the attention of the government?
– What are the kinds of agendas?
– What tools are used in policy discussion/arguments?
– Who participates in agenda building?
– How can we predict who will participate in agenda building?
– Why can it be said that agenda building is the most important aspect of the policy process?
– How do we achieve mobilization?
(Policy Formulation)
-What is policy formulation and how does it differ from agenda setting?
-Who determines policy formulation? Who participates in policy formulation?
-Explain why problem definition is important in the policy formulation?
-Who are policy entrepreneurs and what is their role in problem definition?
-What are top-down models of policy formulation and how do they differ from the bottom-up model?
-What is the target population model? How does it differ from the conventional conception of policy formulation?
– Who are street-level bureaucrats? What are street-level bureaucrats?
-How do street-level bureaucrats make public policy.
(policy implementing)
-What is policy implementing?
-How does it differ from agenda setting and policy formulation?
-What is the difference between self-executing and other forms of policy?
-Who participates in policy implementation? What is the formula for knowing who participates?
-What is the major role of bureaucratic agencies in policy implementation?
-Why are laws crafted in complex legal language? What is the implication of this implication of this for bureaucratic agencies?
-What is rule-making? Why is this important in policy implementation?
-What are the basic questions involved in policy implementation? How do we know when these questions are answered satisfactory?
-Discuss matters associated with management by objectives (MBO), decision tree, and the critical path methods.
-Discuss the roles of agencies, legislatures, courts, interest groups etc. in policy implementation.
(policy Evaluation)
-what is policy Evaluation? How does it differ from the other policy stages?
-why is policy evaluation a necessary step in the policy process?
-what are the kinds of evaluations undertaken and how do they differ?
-distinguish between primary, secondary, and tertiary goals.
-why must policy evaluation be driven by primary goals?
-who determines the standards for success?
-what is the role of bureaucratic agencies in policy evaluation?
-what is the role of the courts? What about interest groups?
-policies that are not achieving their goals should be discontinued. What are the problems associated with policy discontinuity?

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