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In this assignment, put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive facing possible severance in our case study. Develop ?a ZOPA and BATNA position for Alice, based on your r

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 the following  with references I have included an example on what it should look like 

One you developed the ZOPA (zone of possible agreement) and BATNA  (best alternative for a negotiated agreement) for Sharon Slade,  Netflix's chief human resources officer, for use in the upcoming  negotiations.

In this assignment, put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive facing possible severance in our case study.

Develop  a ZOPA and BATNA position for Alice, based on your review of her  biography and the background information in the case study (located in  the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment  Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course). As you develop your  response, consider the following:

  • If Alice were fired, what would be unacceptable options for her in a severance agreement?
  • What options could Alice offer that could move severance negotiations toward her goal of keeping her position at Netflix?

Then, determine Alice Jones' best alternative to a negotiated  agreement (BATNA), i.e., her "Plan B." It is important to do this before  entering into negotiations to ensure that she does not agree to  unfavorable conditions. Questions that can help formulate Alice Jones'  BATNA include:

  • What do you believe are the interests of the other party, i.e., Sharon Slade and Netflix?
  • What actions and alternatives are you prepared to consider if you  (Alice Jones) cannot reach a negotiated agreement within your Zone of  Possible Agreement?
  • What creative alternatives can be considered based on the interests of the other party (Sharon Slade & Netflix)?
  • What trade-offs on the standard ZOPA exist that could result in a creative, successful agreement?

Given her position at Netflix and the potential threat of being fired, Alice Jones needs to carefully develop her ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement) and BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) to ensure she secures the best possible outcome in a severance agreement. Let us analyze her situation and explore these concepts:


Unacceptable Options in Severance Agreement:


Immediate Termination with No Benefits: It would be unacceptable for Alice to agree to immediate termination with no compensation or benefits. She should strive to secure a severance package that provides her with some financial support and benefits during her transition period.


Non-Compete Clause: Alice should avoid any severance agreement that includes a strict and lengthy non-compete clause that would limit her career opportunities after leaving Netflix.


Negative References: Accepting a severance package that allows Netflix to provide negative references or tarnish her professional reputation would also be unacceptable for Alice.


Options to Move Negotiations Toward Her Goal:


Offering a Transition Period: Alice could propose a transition period where she helps train her replacement, ensuring a smooth handover. This would benefit Netflix and make them more willing to negotiate in her favor.


Non-Disparagement Clause: Requesting a non-disparagement clause that ensures Netflix and its employees will not speak negatively about her could be a way to protect her reputation.


Continued Benefits: Negotiating for continued health benefits for a certain period post-termination would be advantageous for Alice.


Alice Jones' BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement), to determine Alice's BATNA, it is essential to consider the interests of the other party, in this case, Sharon Slade and Netflix.


Interests of Sharon Slade and Netflix:


Netflix: Their primary interest may be cost savings and a smooth transition in case they decide to part ways with Alice.


Sharon Slade: As Alice's immediate supervisor, Sharon's interest may include maintaining a good professional relationship with her team while adhering to Netflix's policies and budget constraints.


BATNA Considerations:


Job Search: Alice should be prepared to actively start her job search immediately. This includes networking, updating her resume, and applying for positions in her field.


Legal Advice: Seeking legal advice should be part of her BATNA. An attorney can guide her through the severance agreement and protect her interests.


Negotiation Leverage: Alice can leverage her strong performance record and knowledge of the industry and company. She can also emphasize her ability to ensure a smooth transition during the negotiation.


Creative Alternatives Based on Interests:


Consulting Role: Propose a consulting role where Alice can assist with projects or provide her expertise for a certain period. This might benefit Netflix while allowing Alice to maintain her relationship with the company.


Training Her Replacement: Offer to train her successor, making the transition easier for Netflix. This could delay her termination date.


Trade-offs on the Standard ZOPA:


Salary Reduction for Extended Employment: Alice could agree to a temporary salary reduction for more extended employment. This could benefit Netflix by reducing costs.


Bonuses or Stock Options: Alice could negotiate for any unpaid bonuses or stock options she is entitled to if her termination is related to factors outside her control.


In conclusion, developing a strong ZOPA and BATNA is crucial for Alice Jones to protect her interests and secure a favorable severance agreement. By considering the interests of all parties involved, offering creative solutions, and identifying potential trade-offs, Alice can increase her chances of reaching an agreement that aligns with her goals and minimizes unfavorable conditions in case she is fired from Netflix.




Opresnik, M. (2014).  The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication: Getting to Yes!  Springer.

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