Chat with us, powered by LiveChat For this assignment, finalize the personal model of leadership attached below. Make any changes or edits, as needed and include Part 1 in your finalized Personal Model of Leadership. Additiona - Wridemy Bestessaypapers

For this assignment, finalize the personal model of leadership attached below. Make any changes or edits, as needed and include Part 1 in your finalized Personal Model of Leadership. Additiona

 For this assignment, finalize the personal model of leadership attached below. Make any changes or edits, as needed and include Part 1 in your finalized Personal Model of Leadership.

Additionally, in 500-750 words, address the following questions in your finalized Personal Model of Leadership.

  1. How could your personal values and personal model of servant leadership influence individual and group behavior?
  2. How could your personal values and personal model of servant leadership positively influence organizations and society?
  3. How does servant leadership principles, in accordance with the Christian worldview, interact with essential management practices and how does servant leadership influence individual, group, and organizational behavior?
  4. How does your personal model of leadership meet the needs of followers and promote follower growth?

Combine Part 1 and Part 2 to create one finalized paper of 1,500-2,250 words that represents your personal model of leadership.

General Requirements

All content sections of your assignment should have supporting citations to strengthen your claims. Include at least three in-text citations and at least three references. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.



Personal Model of Leadership


Institution Affiliation



A personal leadership model indicates someone's ability to approach issues in life with due wisdom in leading others through organizations and in society. Leadership shows an individual's personal growth and development in various dimensions throughout life and the benefits accrued from leadership qualities. In this paper, I describe the values of leadership at different levels and how they affect my environment with people in society.

Basic Values of my Personal Model of Leadership

The basic value for the individual level in leadership includes honesty and transparency, which provides for being true to self and portraying truthful qualities. During the day-to-day operations, it would be effective to treat every concern honestly without favoring any person, ensuring transparency prevails. The value of honesty indicates the capacity to manage me by following the required steps towards becoming an admirable leader. Honesty would be reflected in my daily chores, where I meet all my commitments and satisfy the objectives of my responsibilities. Honesty leads to identifying issues without favoring any factor that would influence the approach to dealing with the concern at hand. Honesty leads to trust by individuals since they would be confident in the responsibilities administered to you since they are certain of the results. The interpersonal level requires respect as a basic value since it improves relationships among individuals and protects one's boundaries. Respect leads to peaceful and organized relationships between people since every person listens to one another and shares ideas instrumental in daily operations (Ertosun & Adiguzel, 2018). Ability to understand and identify feelings in how you treat people depends on the level of respect given to one another, which enables people to share their issues. When people share issues among themselves, they ought to be discussed and sorted with consideration of how other people. Hurting people would not reflect the levels of respect that people deserve since it includes triggering their normal functioning and affecting relationships between individuals.

Respect in working areas encourages performance since people coordinate towards achieving their goals. The basic value for the organizational level of work includes a commitment where people within the organization combine efforts to undertake the intended objectives of the organization. Commitment leads to individuals concentrating in their fields for higher performance by sharing ideologies and conducting research for better performance. Commitment motivates teammates to perform their duties since every person is responsible for their operations, ensuring low misconduct concerns. Commitment values boost the company's reputation since every other organization admires individuals' work ethics, creating value for work done. Commitment values improve competition in the industry since every worker aims at becoming the best in their field, which benefits the organization and improves the individual's performance because of rewards due to high performance. Workers committed to organizations initiate meetings among members to discuss factors that affect their working conditions and evaluate possible solutions towards meeting their desires.

Leaders in organizations receive positive reports from workers according to situations in their working fields which provide information on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The basic value for society level of leadership includes conserving the environment to promote the welfare of people in health and living conditions. Contamination of the environment should be minimized to ensure food produced and water for consumption does not lead to an outbreak of infections. Every individual in society requires the virtue of participating in conserving the environment through mobilization and creating schedules for environment cleaning. Wildlife is part of nature that contains its habitat within our environment (Hendrikz & Engelbrecht, 2019). My leadership aims to promote wildlife conservation by reserving the environment for wildlife. I would encourage individuals to commit to various environmental groups, which would help conserve the environment and plant trees for positive climate change.

Importance of my Model of Leadership

My leadership model influences life on different levels, including my decision-making and community. The model creates significant value and purpose in the community towards rightful living and inspiring other individuals on the importance of being a good leader. My honesty would portray a sense of believing in myself since I can identify my weaknesses and strengths through the honest intervention of my behavior. This would attract people to work with me since they trust my endeavors, and expectations would be certain. Honesty helps me describe the concerns within the society and treat people in consideration of their values, hence developing knowledgeable research which helps in the decision-making process. Respect creates a sense of treating other people with dignity by considering their boundaries, which helps evaluate their feelings and emotions from an act committed by an individual. Respect leads to understanding other people's way of life, which improves interpersonal relationships such as friendships. Interpersonal relationships between individuals require respect since different people contain different traits which another person's action would trigger. Establishing limits for interaction between people promotes the welfare of their engagement which promotes their interpersonal relationships.

My commitment values in organizations lead to high performance since I am accrued to perform my duties using criteria that would yield positive results. I encourage other members to perform by engaging with them through meetings where I share ideas and inquire for advice for concerns beyond my understanding. I can identify the weaknesses of my duties since I often research to improve my performance, attracting firms within the industry since they consider achieving their objectives through my commitment. The environmental conservation value has helped me in saving wild lives and promoting tourism for both domestic and international citizens since nature within the environment is being appreciated. I have mobilized community members through forums and seminars on the importance of keeping the environment clean since it prevents outbreaks of environment-related infections. Water treatment has been my desire and will to ensure people within society do not consume contaminated foods. Water treatment plans have included government intervention to ensure the welfare of citizens is prioritized for improved living standards (Vilkinas et al., 2020). My leadership model of environmental conservation has changed the lives of many people in society and resulted in the appreciation of nature. My values have contributed to various reforms and changes within the community and organizations towards improving people's living standards.

Honesty has improved my approach to issues involving consideration of every factor to make fair and free decisions. People within my space have acknowledged the need for honesty since it portrays transparency and trustworthy leadership. It makes the people depend on me since they are certain of the outcome of the intended objectives hence promoting the welfare of my career and leadership roles amongst individuals. Individuals have created good relationships with me since I respect their space and allow them to express their feelings and emotions accordingly hence feeling comfortable when sharing their issues with expectations of positive results. My respect values have created a positive mentality amongst individuals since they reflect on their true desire to achieve their objectives by believing in my actions. People have felt the need to share their concerns with me since their confidential information would not be shared with anyone hence promoting my leadership roles in society. My leadership traits of commitment have impacted organizations towards focusing on their goals by strategizing on their actions from ideologies shared from engaging with people in the same industry. Many workers have been motivated to undertake their roles adequately since they expect recognition for the results of their work. Society's health has improved significantly due to environmental conservation, which ensures the environment is clean. Reduction in air pollution has minimized airborne diseases since the air is purified and non-contaminated, which promotes healthcare.


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