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Create a business letter related to your Ess.. III topic (attach to post as a Word document).? Letter should be addressed to someone (a real person with a real address) who is related to your

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Initial Post:  Create a business letter related to your Ess.. III topic (attach to post as a Word document).  Letter should be addressed to someone (a real person with a real address) who is related to your topic. This letter will not be sent – it is only for the purpose of brainstorming for Ess..

This one-page letter should have the purpose of asking for a change, offering a solution to a problem, and requesting a meeting or presentation opportunity to further explore the issue. Support this request with a summary of your proposed solution and its benefits.  The tone, organization, and information presented should reflect the credibility of your work. 

Example 1:  A student completes an ess.. proposing how the NFL can players sufficiently from serious injuries. The student chooses to write a letter to Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, about the research and requests a meeting to discuss improving the protective gear that players use. 

Example 2: Another ess.. is making a claim for the positive results of increased technology in the classrooms. The letter could then be addressed to a principal or superintendent requesting the opportunity to present the argument to the teachers at a local school.

Letters should have a professional format instead of MLA format.  Here are templates to use for your letter: Writing the Basic Business Letter

***Do not post your personal address – use the Valencia College address as the sender address.

RLearning Outcomes:

  • Apply conventions aligned to varied writing situations.
  • Understand characteristics of business tone in writing.
  • Create constructive feedback.

Briceno 1

Sophia Briceno

Professor Elizabeth Nappo

ENC 1102

November 14, 2022

Essay 3 Outline

Research Question: social media has more negative effects on mental health than it has benefits,

specifically being very triggering to disorders like depression and anxiety in American

individuals of all ages and genders.

I. Introduction

a. Hook idea: 302 million Americans reported being frequent users of social media in 2022,

according to This figure represents a 90% of the U.S. population, which

means that 9 out of 10 Americans have at least one profile in a social network that they

frequently use.

b. Summary of problem/need for solution: social media has many drawbacks in our mental

health, since it portrays many aspects of life that are simply not true for the average

person, creating a need for recreating what they see and getting extremely disappointed

when they don’t get the results they desire (I.E., expensive cars, clothing, and extravagant

lifestyles, perfectly toned bodies, etc.)

c. Working thesis statement: social media creates standards that most people can never

achieve because they are simply not true, creating a longing effect and triggering anxiety

and depression in more than 50% of the American population.

Elizabeth Nappo
appears to be missing part of the problem which is the anxiety/depression caused by social media (social media in itself was not the problem)
Elizabeth Nappo
more effective if this was phrased as a question about a solution…using this formula can help: How or why can [your solution] change or improve [the problem]? Then, this also creates an argument about the solution.
Elizabeth Nappo
this creates a cause and effect statement instead of a proposal argument (what solution do you argue can help this problem?)

Briceno 2

II. Significance of problem: Anxiety and depression are very serious illnesses that can very

much cause suicide and studies show that social media is an agent that increases the risks of

having them.

Background of problem: Social media usage in America increased from only 5% in 2005 to 90%

in 2022.

Effects of problem: According to, 6 out of every 10 American users that

spend four hours or more per day on social media experience depression, or 64%.

III. Description of solutions that have not worked or other proposed solutions: some

influencers coming out and saying that the lives they post are not the ones they actually live had

a huge impact in many people’s mental health, but the majority of other influencers keep feeding

a fake, unrealistic lifestyle.

IV. Supporting argument for proposal (defend thesis): depression increased in almost double

in America.

Research to be used: CDC, SAMHSA.

Ideas for examples/ideas/analysis: in 2005 only 5.4% of Americans reported being depressed,

compared to about 10% in 2022.

V. Supporting argument for proposal (defend thesis): Unrealistic standards create disorders

such as body dysmorphia, which according to experts is a leading cause for depression in the


Research to be used:, Macquarie University.

Elizabeth Nappo
this should acknowledge other attempts to solve the problem – what are they and what were they lacking? then, your argument adds your solution to the discussion
Elizabeth Nappo
this only describes the problem – once your solution is argued in the thesis, then supporting arguments can argue the benefits of your solution
Elizabeth Nappo
needs solution

Briceno 3

Ideas for examples/description/analysis: Even 30 minutes in social media can make you feel

some sort of body dysmorphia

VI. Who or what would oppose or challenge this solution? Social media is addictive both

physically and mentally, so quitting it can be very challenging.

What solution is the best option, despite these concerns: Educating children into knowing that

social media is all completely fake, and they should not think about it as a real thing.

VII. Conclusion

Restate thesis/claim: social media does in fact increase depression and anxiety in Americans, and

its addictive nature makes it very hard to quit.

Summarize supporting arguments:

Depression and anxiety are serious illnesses, and they are related to social media usage in

America within the last 10 years.

Unrealistic body standards have a massive impact on social media’s depressing nature and

anxiously depressing rates.

Raising younger generations by creating awareness in schools of warnings and lessons on social


Elizabeth Nappo
this could be a solution for the essay to develop…how would children be educated? what age group? what would this education accomplish?
Elizabeth Nappo
this should describe a possible challenge or opposition to the solution argued in your thesis
Elizabeth Nappo
in-progress works cited?

Briceno 4

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