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Company to develop a policy to promote secure data transmission and protect the enterprise and its customers from the vulnerable to cyber-attacks

please refer to the attachments. week 2 introduction was the introduction for the main project needs some corrections and which needs  bibliography  and literature review.

Week 2

Portfolio Project


Ankitha Pagadala


I have been selected as the Chief Information Governance Information Officer (CIGO) at Apple

Company to develop a policy to promote secure data transmission and protect the enterprise and

its customers from the vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Apple Company stores transmit sensitive

information and handle large sums of money, which are at risk of increasingly sophisticated

cyber-attacks (Kangyi, 2021). The damage that can be caused, both in terms of financial losses

and damage to reputation, means that it is vital that companies take appropriate measures to

protect their information.

Like many other companies in the electronic industry that hire and endorse the position of a

CIGO, the company found it fit to hire me to assess the cyber-attack vulnerability and provide

recommendations to the necessary authorities. One key role is that of the Chief Information

Governance Officer (CIGO). As a CIGO, I am responsible for ensuring that all the processes are

secure, and that the organization complies with relevant legislation when ensuring the privacy of

its data system. The other significant role is to ensure that the company's community is protected

from cyber-attacks. It is also in the customers' interests that the company takes appropriate action

to protect its information.

Based on the assessment provided by the executive, the company faces many technical and

managerial challenges that create vulnerability to its sensitive data. One challenge is that the

company still stores much of its data in hard copy. Information stored in hard copy is prone to

theft, misplacement, and tearing, thus erasing critical information that can use during decision-

making. Although the company has started to collect its data in electronic format, they lack a

technology that fully protects the information. For instance, storing data in the file shares create

security vulnerability since the technology is not compatible with advancing Firewall software,

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The other challenge is storing information in a relational database without policies and systems

to monitor the administration. The duplication issue can overwhelm the system, leading to the

database's crash and losing data without any chance of recovery (Mullon & Ngoepe, 2019). In

business, managers always need to plan for the future. The most successful companies plan, set

goals and take responsibility for achieving those goals. However, some businesses do not plan. A

business that does not have policies to address the management of data, business, or customers,

is at a disadvantage.

Therefore, the main challenge of handling customers and data and leveraging social media with

considering the legal issues or adaptive policies that govern other organizations is risky. Apple

Company will likely lose considerable finances due to legal or financial penalties from the

oversight authorities. The other main challenge is that the reputation of Apple Company will be


Establishing the policies based on the established legal regulations will enable Apple Company

to know the firm or a person to consult during a data breach. The enterprise will not be able to

respond to threats during a data breach. Apple Company is at risk of losing customers upon the

realization that the company does not well safeguard its data. The business will risk losing

employees who are not given the platform to advance their technical knowledge like other big


In today's business environment, companies must respond to changes in laws, technology,

customer expectations, and competition (Agrawal & Alharbe, 2019). Business leaders and

managers should create plans that prepare for "what if?" situations. The managers of a company

that does not have policies to address the management of data, business, or customers are at risk

of losing customers and money. There are several ways in which Apple Company can protect the

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information that they store. For example, they may encrypt data before transferring or store it

only on computers with strong firewalls. Companies can also take other steps to protect

themselves. These include having clear guidelines and procedures for detecting and dealing with



Agrawal, A., & Alharbe, N. R. (2019). Need and importance of healthcare data

integrity. International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET), 11(4), 854-859.

Kangyi, W. (2021, June). Analysis of Financial Policy at Apple Company in 2020. In 2021

International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development

(ICEMED 2021) (pp. 150-153). Atlantis Press.

Mullon, P. A., & Ngoepe, M. (2019). An integrated framework to elevate information

governance to a national level in South Africa. Records Management Journal.

Lori Farr
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· This is the second milestone of the portfolio project.

For milestone 2, you will develop an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 10 peer reviewed scholarly articles.

Additionally, you will write the literature review for the final project. The entire milestone should be a minimum of 6 pages with 10 peer reviewed scholarly articles.

For your reference, the portfolio project guidelines are attached here. 

Please see the UC library for help in formatting your bibliography.

Here are some examples: 

· Annotated Bibliography Samples

· How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography: The Annotated Bibliography

· Annotated Bibliographies

Here are some resources to complete a literature review:

· Literature Review: Purpose of a Literature Review

· How to Write a Literature Review

· Literature Reviews

· The Writing Center – Literature Reviews

· Writing a Literature Review

Expectations are that it will be a scholarly work, using largely peer-reviewed resources, formatted to APA 7 style. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are significantly weighted.


You have recently been hired as a Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) at a large company (You may choose your industry). This is a newly created position and department within the organization that was founded on the need to coordinate all areas of the business and to provide governance of the information. You will need to hire for all positions within your new department.

The company has been in business for more than 50 years and in this time has collected vast amounts of data. Much of this data has been stored in hard copy format in filing cabinets at an offsite location but in recent times, collected business data is in electronic format stored in file shares. Customer data is being stored in a relational database, but the lack of administration has caused data integrity issues such as duplication. There are currently no policies in place to address the handling of data, business or customer. The company also desires to leverage the marketing power of social media, but has no knowledge of the types of policies or legal issues they would need to consider. You will also need to propose relevant metrics that should be collected to ensure that the information governance program is effective.

The CEO and Board of Directors have tasked you to develop a proposal (paper) that will give them the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on an enterprise-wide Information Governance program, addressing (at a minimum) all of these issues, for the company.


The paper should include at a minimum of the following sections:

0. Title page

0. Executive Summary (Abstract)

0. Body

2. Introduction (including industry discussion – 1-2 pages)

2. Annotated Bibliography (2-3 pages)

2. Literature review (2-3 pages)

2. Program and technology recommendations, including:

3. Metrics

3. Data that matters to the executives in that industry, the roles for those executives, and some methods for getting this data into their hands.

3. Regulatory, security, and privacy compliance expectations for your company

3. Email and social media strategy

3. Cloud Computing strategy

0. Conclusion

0. References

1. You must include at least two figures or tables. These must be of your own creation. Do not copy from other sources.

1. Must cite at least 10 references and 5 must be from peer reviewed scholarly journals (accessible from the UC Library).

1. This paper should be in proper APA format and avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing content. It should be a minimum of 8 pages in length (double-spaced), excluding the title page and references.


1. Week 1 – Introduction Section – A 1-2 page paper describing the industry chosen and potential resources to be used.

1. Week 5 – Develop a full annotated bibliography (2-3 pages).

1. Week 5 – Develop the literature review (2-3 pages).

1. Week 15 – Completed final research paper (all milestones combined together and include the last sections as discussed in the list above).

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