Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Before you attempt to answer these questions, you need to completely and thoroughly go through the?IRIS Online Module?(Links to an external site.). Then, you will take this Open Sou - Wridemy Bestessaypapers

Before you attempt to answer these questions, you need to completely and thoroughly go through the?IRIS Online Module?(Links to an external site.). Then, you will take this Open Sou

 Before you attempt to answer these questions, you need to completely and thoroughly go through the IRIS Online Module (Links to an external site.). Then, you will take this Open Source Review.  


Some of the ways that students are diverse in todays schools includes different __________________________.

Group of answer choices



socioeconomic backgrounds




Flag question: Question 2

Question 21 pts

Along with the increased student diversity in the classroom over the last twenty years, teacher diversity has also increased and mirrors the diversity of the students. 

Group of answer choices




Flag question: Question 3

Question 34 pts

List in a bulleted fashion two ways that teachers can engage in culturally-responsive teaching.  Then, for each of those ways provide a specific example of how a teacher might do this.  


Flag question: Question 4

Question 41 pts

Mrs. Ross is unfamiliar with the Japanese culture.  She wants to be a more culturally responsive teacher to the new Japanese student who just joined her 3rd grade inclusive classroom.  Identify and briefly describe two sources that Mrs. Ross could use to learn more about her new student's culture. 


Flag question: Question 5

Question 51 pts

___________________ is the most predominant 2nd language spoken by students who are ELL in todays US schools. 

Group of answer choices




Haitian Creole


Flag question: Question 6

Question 61 pts

 Which of the following is  NOT true about Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS).

Group of answer choices

It is the day-to-day language needed to interact socially with other people.

If a student has good social English (i.e. good BICs), then he has the English language skills sufficient to learn in class

These are the language skills needed in social situations

BICs typically takes one-to-two years to develop


Flag question: Question 7

Question 71 pts

Select ALL of the following that are true with respect to Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP)

Group of answer choices

It takes longer to develop than BICs

Students need to be proficient in BICs before the teacher introduces academic language development

CALP includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing about subject area content material.

A teacher's lack of awareness about the differences between BICs and CALP could result in him/her thinking that the student is not trying or that he has a disability.


Flag question: Question 8

Question 83 pts

To help ELL students, especially those with disabilities, learn academic content while mastering their second language, the teacher can utilize a variety of strategies.  Match the strategies below with a description or example of that strategy that a teacher could consider using.  

Group of answer choices

Sheltered Instruction


Contextual Supports


Activate Background Knowledge


Teach Vocabulary


Teach Comprehension Strategies


Differentiate Instruction



Flag question: Question 9

Question 91 pts

Zahara, a sixth-grade student who recently moved to the United States from Kazakhstan, seems able to express her needs and desires socially with her new peers and teachers. However, she struggles to understand the content presented in class and in the text. The language needed to express her needs and desires is known as ______________________-;whereas the language needed to understand the class content is known as _____________________________.  (SELECT ONLY ONE ANSWER.  THE FIRST WORD SHOULD FIT IN THE FIRST BLANK, WHILE THE SECOND WORD SHOULD APPEAR IN THE SECOND BLANK.)

Group of answer choices

the second language; the native language

the native language; the second language

Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP): Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS)

Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS); Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP)


Flag question: Question 10

Question 102 pts

Juanita's family comes from a low  socioeconomic level or status (SES). List one of the potential challenges for students related to Low SES and then discuss how they could have a negative impact on Juanita's learning. 


Flag question: Question 11

Question 111 pts

In schools, cross-cultural dissonance can be the result of

Group of answer choices

Students’ cultural characteristics, behaviors and actions that are at odds with teachers’ expectations.

Teachers misinterpreting culturally appropriate and expected behaviors as negative

The teacher's instructional style is different than the style to which the student is accustomed


Flag question: Question 12

Question 123 pts

As discussed by Dr. Ginger Blalock in the Iris module, students with disabilities  often need individualized instruction in the classroom to meet their diverse needs.  List and describe in a bulleted fashion two ways in which teachers might individualize classroom instruction.









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