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The importance of utilizing a theoretical framework in a dissertation study cannot be stressed enough. The theoretical framework is the foundation from which all knowledge is constructed (metaphorically and literally) for a research study. It serves as the structure and support for the rationale for the study, the problem statement, the purpose, the significance, and the research questions. The theoretical framework provides a grounding base, or an anchor, for the literature review, and most importantly, the methods and analysis.

—Grant & Osanloo, 2014 

There are many theories that apply to project management as well as the dissertation process; therefore, it is important to understand the theories to determine which might most apply to your nursing practice and research. The specific theories and models utilized not only drive a study, but they also shape how the reviewer will interpret the results.

For this Discussion, you will explore various theories or models related to change theory and systems thinking in your healthcare organization or nursing practice. You will consider how the tenets of these theories might apply to your organization and practice, as well as consider how these theories might solve potential practice gaps.

Grant, C., & Osanloo, A. (2014). Understanding, selecting, and integrating a theoretical framework in dissertation research: Creating the blueprint for your “house.” Administrative Issues Journal, 4(2), 12–26. doi:10.5929/2014.4.2.9


·        Review this week’s Lewin’s change theory media resource.

·        Consider the importance of change theory, as well as reflect on the application of these theories to your healthcare organization or nursing practice.

·        Research and select two additional theories or models related to change theory and systems thinking to focus on for this Discussion.


Post a response to each of the following:

·        Describe the importance and application of Change Theory and Systems Thinking for healthcare organizations and nursing practice. Be specific.

·        List two additional theories or models that you selected and explain how these might be applied in research. Be specific and provide examples.

·        Explain how theories and models provide a framework to guide projects, including your DNP Project or dissertation.



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